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Gold,which is extracted hundreds of meters deep from the place;It was brought into a position to appeal to the mind and heart in the way of different shapes in a very different time periods and cultures.From time to time gold that adds beauty to a beauty; Will now be audible to the eyes and dreams of the investor.

With its special collection of products,gold will be a "Artistic Worker" you will want to pull out from under the pillow and exhibit constantly.

NZP products to be designed and manufactured by shaping only with your wishes;With investment,gift oreven promotional products,everyone will be able to live their own Golden idea.Meet with NZP and you will enjoy your special beauties.


NZP GOLD started to work actively in 2015 with significant investments and infrastructure works for a long time.With the opening of the new season in 2016,NZP GOLD has entered the market with gram gold and precious metals.Besides Gram gold,special collection products,medallions,gold works specially for companies' own names and logos,special grams of gold for Member of Parliament,all kinds are made with great care and meticulousness.With the ever-evolving technology,R&D (research and development) work continues in many countries of the world.

NZP products are produced with a unique security system and representation of the products are made real in the same security system.NZP Gold,fully separated from similar products with special halogen safety band;It will not allow malicious people to engage in illegal activities with its high security packaging.All products have chip on them thanks to those chips the products can not be imitated.NZP makes a difference with its safety packaging,which is not like the old one when touched;NZPhas added high confidence into value.

With precise balancing,unmatched packaging technology,special barcode systems and manymore optional features,you can buy NZP products safely anywhere in the world with extra security and the same precision for every weight,and you can safely carry them tomorrow.

“ We value your savings as ours.”

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